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 Her Osiologiotati Holy Foundress Paisia, the first Abbess and the first ordained Great-Schema Nun, of Her Holy Convent of Great-Martyr Saint George the Trophy Bearer, Avlides, known to the world as, Princess Maria Margaret Anne of Eire (Ireland), Duchess of Munster and Cyprus.



 She has the succession of Cyprus from her father, Duke Odysseus Ioannou of Cyprus. A Great Benefactor of Cyprus, Hellas and the United Kingdom; who had been chosen by his father to receive the Signet Seal and the Debt Book of Cyprus, having the succession of the family from his father Duke Ioannis, descendant from the Royal Family of the Great Benefactor and Great Dragoman George “Hatzigeorgakis” The Nation-Martyr and Duke of Cyprus, a descendant of a Great Byzantine Empire Dynasty, of Byzantium.



   Also, her holiness has the succession of Eire from the three Royal Geniuses of O’Connor, O’Hara, and O’Sullivan, from her mother, Princess Anne Margaret of Eire (Ireland), and Duchess of Munster.



   Born and raised in the City of London, Great Britain. From the age of nine years old she had a spiritual guider and teacher, the Holy Abbott Sophrony Zacharov of the Holy Monastery of St. John the Forerunner, in Essex, Great Britain. Along with her family, they were his first spiritual children in Britain.


 Being the Noble family that financed the beginning of the Holy Monastery of St. John the Forerunner of Essex. From Geronta, Elder Sophrony she was taught the Art of Painting-Hagiography and Byzantine Music, as she has an exceptional high-pitched Soprano voice, the best voice of Great Britain after a Contest, with studies in Classical Music, Opera, and Piano, from the age of five years old and on.



   She studied in a Private Catholic College of St. Mary of Magdalene in London, and passed to go to Oxford University, she studied at the Kapodistrian University of Athens and the University of Michigan, U.S.A. She speaks fluently four languages and served as a personal translator in the Archbishopric Office of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens for a number of years.



   At the age of fifteen years old, she entered and became a novice nun in the Holy Convent of the Annunciation of Theotokos, Oinnousai, Chios. There she continued learning and studying the Hagiography Art next to the unforgettable Photis Kontoglou and also learned Byzantine Music next to the Holy Elder-Geronta Philotheos Zervako. After six hard ascetic years, from the Typical of Saint Savvas, her health was in mortal danger. Due to the regulation of the Convent’s Typical, it forbade the entry of a doctor and hospitalization within the Convent; she was taken to Athens for treatment, in the Holy Convent of Saint John the Theologian, a branch of the Archdiocese of Athens.



 Being hyperactive and charismatic physiognomy, she re-established the abandoned Hagiography, of the Convent of St. John the Theologian, and as now Rasophora Nectaria Nun, she hagiographed countless Icons all over the world. She taught the nuns the English language, how to make the Orthodox Prayeropes, Incense, and Wax Candles for the Church, and completed the readings of the Church from the Typical of Saint Savvas. At the same time, she was the foundress of the English Language School of the Holy Convent with a huge success. Her students were coming from all over the City of Athens and the County of Attica, exceeding 700 students a year. Her reputation reached the Hellenic Diaspora in America, where a TV channel of the Hellenic Diaspora in New York came to interview her about her noble multifaceted divine work.



   After nine years of monastic life and tireless work in the Convent of St. John the Theologian, the Great Martyr Saint George the Trophy Bearer appeared three times asking her to erect a Holy Convent in His Name, showing her the exact site He wanted. The then Rasophora Nun Nectaria with the Blessings of her Spiritual Father left the Convent, searching all over Hellas to find the spot where Saint George had showed her.



   Almost a year searching, on the 9th of November 1980, in a miraculous way the site was found which St. George had shown her, on the day of her Name’s Day, of St. Nectarios Pentapoleos the Miracle Worker of Aegina. She immediately bought the plot of land with the amount of money her father Duke Odysseus sent her and started to Erect today’s Convent, with her family’s wealth, philanthropic fundraisers, and her tireless work. After so many temptations but also great miracles from Saint George the Great Martyr and Trophy Bearer is today, Erected the Holy Convent in His Name.



   Osiologiotati Abbess Paisia, as Foundress, as the first ordained Great Schema Nun, and first Abbess of the Convent of the Great Martyr Saint George the Trophy bearer, is also the founder of the Hagiographion in her Holy Convent; which she has hagiographed more than 20 Holy Cathedrals, Churches and Monasteries in the United States of America, 4 Holy Churches and Monasteries in Canada, 2 Holy Churches in Australia, countless hagiographies in Hellas, Cyprus, The United Kingdom of England, Russia, Serbia, Rumania, Germany, Jerusalem, to 4 Patriarchies, to 4 Royal Collections, to 6 Archbishops, countless Metropolitans and Bishops, Monasteries and Convents, and Holy Orthodox Churches, all over the world.



   The Abbess Founded the Royal English Language School, where is taught for higher degrees even in specialized Scientific Terminology, has trained hundreds of young scientists, Educators, and Officers of the Security Forces. Whilst, she has taught dozens of students on a non-profit basis from needful families.



   The Abbess Founded the School of Orthodox Dogmatology of Hagiography where is taught the Orthodox Dogmatology of Hagiography, making an anti-heretic exertion in order to preserve untouched the holy and the sacramental; of the Holy Great Orthodox Church of Christ.



   The Abbess Founded the School of Orthodox Catechism Theology, where is taught the Orthodox Faith and Orthodox Monastic Life, catechizing hundreds of girls and boys to love the Orthodox Traditions and to have solid foundations and knowledge supply for the rest of their lives.



   The Abbess Founded the Exhibition of Handicrafts, where all kinds of handicrafts from the Sister-Hood are exhibited from all the Arts of the Convent and Handicrafts for our Holy Mission that comes from Africa.



  The Abbess Founded the Archontarikion for Hosting Exhibitions of Spiritual Work; where from time to time, a number of monastic and other spiritual Handiworks are exhibited to pious pilgrims, devout pilgrims of the monastic life, and friends of the Convent.



 The Abbess Founded the Orthodox Ierapostolic Ministry, through which she has done most countless good deeds around the world, such as the establishment of a School of Ecclesiastical Sewing and Gold Embroidery with all its equipment, for the education of needy girls in Nairobi, Kenya, and Uganda. Also, the establishment and equipping of two Convents in the Holy Name of Saint George the Trophy Bearer in the African Continent, in Kenya and in Uganda, the mission of sending financial aid to Serbia; and to teach Hellenic, English, and French Languages to students from poor needful Orthodox families with many children.



   In the year 1999, the Convent was, Donated by the Osiologiotati Foundress Reverend Abbess Paisia, as a Metochion to the Holy Monastery of Esfigmenos, Agion Oros (Holy Mountain), Athos.



   Today the Holy Convent of the Great Martyr Saint George the Trophy Bearer, Avlides, follows the Agioritikon Typical and numbers a Sisterhood, under the spiritual guidance and supervision of our Osiologiotati Holy Foundress and first Reverend Abbess, Paisia, Great-Schema Nun, continuing her venerable charitable work to the Glory of the Lord.



Her Holiness Osiologiotati Found ress Abbess Paisia, as Rasophora Nectaria Nun here.

H.R.H.  Princess Margaret, H.R.H. Amelia, H.R.H. Prince James Patrick, Ancestors of Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

H.R.H. Duke Odysseus and Duchess Anna, Margaret, parents of Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

The SignetSeal of succession, given to Duke Odysseus Ioannis, stolen by his youngest brother and is still awaiting its return to Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess  Paisia, the regular successor of the Family Hatzigeorgakis.

The H.R.H. Family of Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Paisia with the first Brother-Hood of Holy Geronta Sophrony in Essex.

H.R.H. Αrchduke George Hatzigeor gakis, National Martyr of Cyprus, the forefather of  Her Holiness Osiolo giotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

H.R.M. Constantine II King of Hellenes, with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

Η.B. Metropolitan Constans of Great Britain and Ireland of the Russian Church of Diaspora with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

H.E. Metropolitan of Portugal Spain and Exarch of all Iberia Gabriel, H.R.H. Prince of Portugal and Spain, with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

Her Holiness Abbess Seraphima, Duchess of Russia with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

H.B. Archbishop Auxentios of Athens and Hellas, with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

H.B. Archbishop Gregory of Thyateira and Great Britain, Ireland, overestimate and Exarch of all Western Europe with His Niece, Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress  Abbess  Paisia.

H.B. Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and Hellas, with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.











Her Holiness Osiologiotati Found ress and First Abbess Paisia of the Holy Convent Saint Great Martyr George the Trophy Bearer of  Avlides.


Her Holiness Osiologiotati Found ress Abbess Paisia with  her  Spiri tual  Father, The Holy Elder Abbott Sophrony Zacharov of Essex.

H.E. Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki, with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia.

The Rev. Archimandrite Ephraim (Lash) and the Rev. Deacon Meliton (Oakes) with Her Holiness Osiologiotati Foundress Abbess Paisia

H.E. Metropolitan Stephanos of Olympia and Tryphilia, with Her Holiness Osiologiotati  Foundress Abbess Paisia.

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H.E. Metropolitan Akakios of Attica, with  Her  Holiness  Osiologiotati Foundress  Abbess  Paisia.

Her  Holiness  Osiologiotati  Foundress  Abbess  Paisia,  between  her  parents

H.R.H. Duke Odysseus of Cyprus and Duchess Anna Margaret of Ireland, in her Convent’s garden.

From the Great Schema Ordainment of Her Holiness Osiologiotati Found ress, First Abbess Paisia Nun, in the year 1985.


From the left, H.E. Metropolitan Ni colaos of  Mesogaias  and  Lavreoti

kis, H.B. Archbishop Gregory of Thyateira and Great Britain, Ire land, overestimate and Exarch of all Western Europe with his Niece, her Holiness Osiologiotati Foun dress  Abbess  Paisia.


The Inauguration of the Cathedral Holy Convent Annunciation of Theotokos Oinnousas, Chios in the year 1965.